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“The Omnivore’s Dilemma”

One of my all-time favorite books is “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan.  If you really want to know about food and what you should be eating, pick up this book and have a read.

Brownies? Totally!

When you’re craving something really sweet, rich and decadent  this recipe comes to the rescue. These are gooey, messy, eat from the pan with a knife & spatula good.Best part? They’re good for you!

Frozen meals

We’re all busy. Like really busy. To the point where we either skip meals or have “meal replacement food” in order to get more accomplished each day. Unfortunately, that’s not how the body works. The body needs real calories and nutrients from real food. The body needs something that isn’t from a box and zapped [...]


“Is it true that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?” -George Carlin

Quick & easy meals I love

Artichoke pasta with olive oil, sauteed mushrooms, onions, garlic and sea salt. Polenta (fast cooking, I prefer the dry to the tube) with sauteed onions, chopped kale, garlic, cultured butter and a few pieces of chopped nitrate free bacon.

Great cookbook #2

I love cookbooks. Plain and simple, just like that. I use them for ideas and recipes all the time. Nowadays, I find it’s tough to find a book on how to just cook. Even basic recipes can be difficult to find. That’s why I adore The Joy Of Cooking. Is it old school? Yup. Are [...]

Thoughts on pet treats

Pets love treats as much as we do and just like people snacks, there are nasty ingredients in many of them. The good news is finding good treats is pretty easy these days,  as there are lots of companies that make human-grade snacks. Human grade means that the quality of the ingredients are clean and [...]

Ya’ gotta drink more water…

I tell my clients this all the time. Thanks to the modern diet, most of us are chronically dehydrated and manifests through many different symptoms including: constipation, acne, headaches, body odor, being tired all the time, digestive disorders, high cholesterol, premature aging, even kidney stones.


Plant a radish, get a radish, never any doubt. That’s why I love vegetables, you know what they’re about! -Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

I want mussels! (With apologies to Diana Ross)

If you’re looking for a really great ingredient that can make fabulous, quick meals, look no further than the humble mussel. Archaeologists have found evidence that we’ve been eating mussels for over 20,000 years, so there’s definitely something to them.

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