Frozen meals

We’re all busy. Like really busy. To the point where we either skip meals or have “meal replacement food” in order to get more accomplished each day. Unfortunately, that’s not how the body works. The body needs real calories and nutrients from real food. The body needs something that isn’t from a box and zapped in a microwave. Or a funky powder from an envelope you mix with water.

Our culture willingly eats airplane food on a regular basis. Do you remember flying in the ’70′s? You got little real meals with real silverware and teensy salt and pepper shakers, but the food was terrible. Dry, overcooked chicken ala King, tasteless beef tips, I’ll never forget the tomato egg disaster Pan Am tried to serve my family for breakfast, it will forever be known as the ‘barf omlette.’

A great deal of the food people are considering meals are really not much better than airplane food was 30 years ago. First off, you’re microwaving something that is in a plastic container. Plastic melts under high temperatures and I know the trays feel a little shaky when they’re hot. I don’t trust that some of the chemicals from the plastic aren’t getting into the food.

Secondly, these meals tend to add lots of ingredients to add flavor but some are completely unnecessary. Look for sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, MSG, and any other ingredients you can’t pronounce on the label. If you’re getting a frozen pizza then why is corn syrup listed on the label? Do you really want MSG in a chicken pot pie?

Thirdly, these meals add up! They might not seem bad at $5-$9 a pop, but that winds up being more expensive than buying fresh organic produce and making meals for a week. I can make a bunch of really good meals for 2 for $5 or less.

There are good, frozen meals that come in cardboard containers, search them out if you eat this way. Usually organic prepared food comes in cardboard or paper fiber. You may need to try a few different brands to find ones you like, but find the good ones and heat them up in your oven. Sure it takes longer but it also tastes better, and that’s worth a lot.

We’ve got to eat and sometimes a prepared meal is our simplest option. Try not to make them a habit.

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