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Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. -Mark Twain

Ariel’s sinfully luscious ice cream

Ariel’s super-cool and works at my local coffee spot. She’s  got a smile on her face and a few words of wisdom, so it always nice to see her when I grab my daily cup of  tea. We stopped in last week and she offered us up a sample of her new creation, avocado ice [...]

6 Rules for eating wisely…

… By one of my most favorite authors, Michael Pollan. Click on the link to read an piece he wrote for TIME Magazine, June 4th, 2006. Link.

It’s artichoke season!

My mother loved artichokes and for me, they’re one of the earliest food memories I have (besides “Meat salad? BLEAH!” But that’s a whole different story). A barbeque would always include artichokes, along with a bowl of melted butter to dip into and I’m pretty positive I remember actual artichoke plates.


Greetings and happy Memorial Day!  I hope you are enjoying your long weekend, it’s always nice to get a break for a few days. Here’s a meal I came up with the other night, it was really  easy to make but tasted like something complicated and fancy.


When we were young, Bernie’s Deli was down the block

Ingredient lists

It’s funny they’re on every packaged food but not many people actually read them. Who has time, right?

Smoothie of the day

This recipe is great for either a mild hangover or when you just can’t wake up.

All about raw honey

I got a great question this morning asking about raw honey and since I didn’t have any other posts planned I figured I’d write about it. After researching for some details, all I can say is whew! What doesn’t raw honey do?

When you look great you glow

You could have all the finest beauty treatments with the world’s best products but if you’re not truly healthy it shows. Things like dehydration help to bring out all those teeny wrinkles, and nothing like not getting enough sleep to help you look like a raccoon.

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