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A book for the collection

I was at the library last week and picked up Nigella Lawson’s latest book  ”Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast.”  After spending a few weeks with it, I’m in love.

Nasty fact of the day

Did you know that when you buy a package of ground beef at the supermarket you’re eating meat from a number of cows? Did you know that number can be as high as 1,600?


“To live long, eat like a cat, drink like a dog” -German Proverb

Very important website

Part of eating well is knowing what’s on and in your food. It is no surprise or news that pesticides are used in the production of food, but how much is out there, what’s being used and how safe are they?


That’s how many hits foodhealer’s gotten so far. There’s got to be a billion blogs out there and I wanted to say thanks for reading mine. This is just the beginning for me, I’ve got big plans! Huge!

This smoothie is amazing

The Great Jones Spa in Manhattan is a lovely place to spend a quiet afternoon, however it’s their juice bar that I adore. Next time you’re in the City and on Lafayette Street stop in and pick up something, they’ve got great stuff.

Fun facial mask for the week

A few years ago I was in Miami for a wedding. I had forgotten my moisturizer and my skin was not looking its best, so I went to the supermarket in search of some groceries and a remedy.


“If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages? ” -George Carlin

Try it, you might not like it

They say you need to try something five times to be able to make a solid decision if you like it or not.

Everything you ever wanted to know about coconut oil but were afraid to ask…

I adore coconut oil. Not only  does it taste great but it’s one of the few oils that doesn’t break down under high temperatures.

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