Moody? Maybe it’s your diet

 You know that expression “You are what you eat?” OK, do you also know the expression “What’s eating you?” They are based on the same thing, the food you eat.

If you eat junk food you’re not doing yourself any favors. High amounts of sugar, preservatives and chemicals aren’t food, they’re nutritionally void. They’ll fill you up, but they’re not going to help you to think clearly, perform well or help to keep you rational and grounded. 

When you eat well, life’s problems don’t seem so bad. Don’t believe me? Try this: Take a kid (yours preferably) and give’ em a good balanced meal, then take them to a toy store and don’t buy anything. Another day, give your kid a typical junk food lunch and go back to the toy store. On which occasion were they easier to deal with? 

Your body’s reaction to stress is severely affected by food, if you’re constantly eating prepared or packaged foods you’re not going to do as well with dealing with life’s ups and downs as you would if you were eating good, clean, food you made out of real ingredients.

Try it for a week, it’s amazing how much easier it is to deal with stress when you’ve got the real fuel to do so.

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