Easy pizza tip

I love pizza and I eat it all the time, it’s fast, cheap and better than lots of other stuff out there for the same price. If you enjoy a slice or two but consider it to be junk food, here’s a way to make it tastier, more filling and better for you.

First off, find a small, independent pizzeria and  go for thin crust, thick slices tend to be tougher to digest. Now add some fresh veggies to it. Most pizza joints that sell by the slice are more than happy to put together a custom slice for a small charge.

Adding a few vegetables to your slice gets you some fiber, vitamins and minerals, it also makes the slice much more filling and easier to digest. Sprinkle some hot pepper on before you eat for extra antioxidants and vitamin C.

If you’ve got to have pepperoni or sausage, pick one and go for it! Just add some spinach to balance it out. Keep away from fried toppings, tons of meat and extra cheese and you’ll be fine.

Just because you want to eat better doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food you love. Eat it, enjoy it, feel good about it. Life’s too short to do otherwise.

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