Great book

Cooking and eating should always be a pleasure, we spend a great deal of time doing both.   The book “Notes on Cooking” by Lauren Braun Costello and Russell Reich is full of ideas to make cooking and preparing great food easier. I really like it, it’s clear, concise and written in little blurbs you can get through in a minute or two. This is one of those books you should leave on your coffee table so you can browse through it whenever the mood strikes. 

My favorite section of the book is Appendix ll which is about classic food combinations, it’s great for coming up with ideas for dinner. I also love the section on repairing food, there’s nothing worse than wrecking a meal and not knowing how to fix it.

This is good stuff, well written and presented beautifully. Heck, if  Jacques Pepin thinks it’s great it’s more than good enough for me. Here’s a link to their website, you can also buy the book on Here’s a link to it on Amazon.

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