Little stickers on produce

Do you know what those mean? There’s lots of information on them and taking a second to decipher them can help you to make wiser food choices. 

If the number on it starts with a 4 it means that it has been conventionally grown. That tends to mean some form of pesticide or fungicide were used in the growing of that piece of produce. 

If the sticker starts out with the number 8 it means the piece of produce was genetically modified (GMO) or it comes from seeds that were. (I put these down and find a cleaner choice.)

The ones that start out with a number 9 are good news! Organic and non-GMO!

The stickers also tell you where that piece of fruit came from, so if you like to eat local food like me,  you can get a real answer. The country of origin is written in bug-sized type, but at least it’s there.

In my book the new  stickers are awful for consumers. They’ve got a UPC symbol over the majority of the surface of the sticker and the real information is so tiny I feel like I need to bring a microscope to the store with me. 

Oh yeah, the makers of these stickers say that the glue is edible but the sticker itself isn’t. Have you tried to peel one of these buggers off lately?

These stickers encourage me to shop at farmer’s markets where I can get real food from real people. I can ask them questions directly, get food that tastes better and is in season and not have to deal with trying to peel those damn things off.

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