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Blueberry cilantro smoothie

I made this yesterday, there was a sale on blueberries at the market.

Enough already! It’s our planet too

BP has broken my heart. 


Drink to your health- (Last night’s fortune cookie )

More BPA info

I’ve got to say I’m kinda proud of the FDA. In 2008 they declared bisphenol-A (BPA) a safe substance, but as they learn more they’re starting to change their mind.


It seems that nothing makes people more squeamish than talking about bowel movements. There’s loads of subjects that I’d rather talk about, but when it comes to health this is very important.

Is your laundry detergent clean?

Did you know that  some laundry detergents, cleaners and hair care products can be cancerous?


“To eat well is to live well.” – Chinese proverb

Delicious Memoir

I love books and am in the library all the time.  Last visit, a book literally fell out of the shelf and hit me in the stomach.

Jayme’s chickpea and kale stew

Amazing Jayme’s back with another kick ass recipe for all of us.

A bit about oils

Oils. There’s tons of ‘em at the market and the health food store, it can get seriously overwhelming when trying to choose. 

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