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Knowing the basics of cooking really come in handy when it comes to eating well. Are you really going to eat healthy food if you can’t make it delicious? That’s where Chef Pete Shelsky comes in. Not only is he a full service caterer, he teaches people how to cook.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Pete Shelsky in a butcher’s shop in Brooklyn NY, he’s a very nice guy with a quick wit and when it comes to good, clean, healthy food, he knows what he’s talking about.

Pete got into the local organic food movement thanks to Michael Pollan, and believes in using common sense when it comes to what we eat.

Here’s a few thoughts from Pete;

  • “If your grandparents wouldn’t recognize it as food, don’t eat it.” (- Michael Pollan quote)
  • “Happy, healthy animals produce better tasting meat.”
  • “Do the best you can, you can drive yourself nuts and it’s not worth it.”
  • “Make your own salad dressing, the ingredient lists on the store bought ones are long, and do you really want to eat carrageenan?”

Pete’s views of food are realistic, he does eat junk once in a while and even keeps a block of Velveeta in his fridge.

Pete’s cooking classes would be a great gift to anyone, and I love the idea of a cooking party. Did I mention his recipes look amazing?

I really dig his website, check it out at

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