Sunscreen-the highs and the lows

We all know to use sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than a bad sunburn, so I agree with this too. I try to keep away from the ones with a million ingredients, they scare me.

Talk about scary, I found this article from Environmental Working Group (EWG.0rg) if you don’t know them check ‘em out, their website is an encyclopedia of data.

This article is all about sunscreen, click here to find out 9 surprising truths about the stuff. Make sure to click on the sunscreen guide at the top of the page for tons more information.

My sun tips are as follows: Make sure you take it slow. Avoid tanning booths. Don’t be one of those people who go for the “savage tan,” you’ll look like a piece of leather in 20 years. Be out of ¬†direct sun from 10-3, stay in the shade, (you’ll still get tan) drink loads of water. Splurge on a beach umbrella. They do help but only have and SPF of about 20.

Remember- the second your skin feels hot and/or tight it’s too late, you’ve officially gotten a sunburn.

If you do burn, you can get some relief from slices of raw white potato ¬†aloe vera, milk or yogurt (make sure it’s not very cold) put directly on the burn. If it comes with a fever, shakes, nausea, blistering or a blinding headache, go see a doctor immediately.

Make sure to play it safe when it comes to the sun, we need some, just not too much.

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