For your pets: 10 tips for summer

Man, it’s hot out there, it’s gonna be over 90 degrees today. Chances are you probably work in air conditioning but what about your pets? Are they roasting at home? Here’s some tips to make Spot and Kitty’s summer a bit more tolerable.

  1. Your pet needs more water than usual. Leave out 2 bowl of clean, cool water daily. Make sure you rinse them out well, there’s nothing grosser than slimy water containers. If you wouldn’t drink from it don’t make your pets.
  2. They need a cool spot to hang out in. This doesn’t necessarily mean they need the AC running all day, but if your home is like an oven then maybe you should leave it on low (at least in one room the animal likes and can get in to. We’ve got a cat door that goes into the bedroom so if our pet needs a break she can go in there and cool off ¬†without us having to cool down the whole place).
  3. Does your pet go outside? Do they have a pink nose, ears or belly? If they do you might want to apply sunscreen to those spots to keep them from getting sunburnt. Yup, it happens to them too, so give ‘em a hand and cover them up where needed. White dogs and cats with pink ears and noses burn the quickest.
  4. When on walks carry your own water and don’t let your dog drink from communal public bowls. There’s lots of doggie diseases that are transferred through water and saliva, don’t take the chance or you might wind up at the vet’s with a very sick dog.
  5. Like us, lighten up on intense exercise. Keep it to a minimum and do it either early in the morning or after dusk.
  6. Ice cubes can be a super fun toy for your pet, put some in a separate water bowl and see what they think.
  7. Keep your pet’s coat clean. That means brushing and/or bathing. Only bathe your cat if they like it, some breeds crave water others head for the hills. This is not meant to be a torture session, so if your cat’s totally freaked out stop everything, let Kitty dry off and stick to a brush in the future. Pets with dirty coats can’t cool off as efficiently so it’s up to you to keep them clean, cool and comfortable. A shave isn’t always the best idea, their coats are designed to help keep them cool but if it’s dirty it won’t work as well. Make sure to brush daily, 5 minutes a day is usually plenty.
  8. If they’re outside all day make sure they’ve got shade, a cool breeze and lots of clean water. Being stuck in a hot sunny backyard all day could be considered torture, if you couldn’t stay out there all day don’t expect your pet to do it either.
  9. I hope this goes without saying but DON’T LEAVE YOUR PETS IN CARS! It’s too hot, they can die.
  10. Don’t be alarmed if your pet doesn’t eat as much as they normally do, I don’t like to eat as much when it’s hot out. Keep an eye on it though, if they’re completely off their food for a day or two give your vet a call.

    When it comes to extreme temperatures, if you see something unusual going on call your vet immediately. It might be nothing but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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