Apple stats

It’s apple season! One of my favorite times of year. 

If you like them as much as I do know this: Conventionally grown apples tend to be sprayed with pesticides approximately 24 times a year. 24 times! That’s a lot of poison. Apples are a tough crop, bugs love them.

When minimal spraying is done the apples are treated about 12 times a year which is still an awful lot to me.  Get your apples organic or from a farmer that  has practices you agree with. Try out some of the heirloom varieties, they’re much tastier and more complex than a typical Red Delicious or Granny Smith.

I’ve been waiting all year for apple season, I can feel a crumble being made in my future. Click here if you’d like my recipe, it’s a hit.

Apples help make you beautiful, take advantage of the season.

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