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“Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat my friends” -George Bernard Shaw

Ya’ gotta read this book

This is the first review I’ve ever done where I haven’t even finished the book yet, but I think this topic is so timely and important it needs to be shared.

Halloween Hints

Halloween is coming!

Sweet breath easy

Wanna easy tip to keep your breath lovely after lunch?

It’s Acorn squash season!

Yesterday, the farmer’s market was a squash extravaganza.


“You piss me off you Salmon… You’re too expensive in restaurants.” -Eddie Izzard


I am sick. Not like dying sick, sick like I’ve had a fever for about a week, it comes and goes.

Harissa I love ya

Ya know when you’re  cooking and you feel like something’s missing? The dish would be perfect if it only had a little more zing?

The green clean plate club

I’ve got a fascinating article about not eating food and the repercussions it has on our environment and economy.

Jayme’s Pistou soup recipe

Jayme’s got another amazing recipe she’s willing to share with all of us,  damn, she’s a good cook. 

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