For your pets: “Meat”

Read your pet’s food ingredient label. Do you see the word “meat” listed anywhere?  I don’t mean chicken, lamb, beef, rabbit, venison, fish, et cetera, I mean is the specific word “meat” on the list?

If it is, be aware that you’re not feeding a good quality food and you may want to change brands.

All the word “meat” tells us is it comes from a mammal. The mammals allowed to be used include euthanized dogs and cats. It also means that nasty items like tumors, diseased parts and other things not allowed to be fed to humans qualify as good and safe for pet food.

Funny how this is and how the rate of cancers in pets has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. If you refuse to believe that there’s a correlation that’s your option, but don’t you think it’s awfully coincidental?

Fido and Kitty are what they eat too, if you feed them inferior food, chances are you’ll be spending lots more on Vet visits. Pets are family, they deserve to eat good, clean, healthy food too, it pays off in the long run.

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