Rad Russian kale

I adore kale, it’s tasty stuff that does lots of good things for you. My newest kale love? You got it, red Russian kale. Funny thing is it’s not red but purple and green. Click here to see what it looks like.

Red Russian kale is delicious, a little sweeter than regular kale and not too “green tasting” either. Some people say it’s got a bit of a nutty taste, all I know is it’s freakin’ delicious.

Russian kale is high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s also a great source of fiber,  calcium, vitamins A, C, K, manganese, iron and protein. Russian kale can be eaten raw or cooked, but don’t eat the stalk, it’s too fibrous.

Last night I quickly chopped up an onion, sauteed it until it was starting to get translucent, added the chopped kale and sauteed it over medium high heat until it looked  “wilted and wet”.  I served it as is, but this would make a killer side for just about anything.  I may be doing this again tonight, my stomach’s growling as I type.

If you live in the Northeast, this stuff’s in season now. Do what you can to find some, you might just love it. I hear it’s easy to grow, I’ll be planting some in the future.

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