It ain’t local but…

I really like to eat local.  I feel like it keeps me healthier and more able to deal with seasonal changes. But, sometimes you’ve got to break the rules. I break for pomegranates, I love them.

They are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K, copper and potassium. I love them because they taste great and take a while to eat, good snack food.

When picking out pomegranates you want ones that aren’t totally round, you want ones that have kinda flat sides and the top shouldn’t be moldy. Look for bright, shiny red skin, careful of soft spots and bruises.

When eating pomegranates be careful! Unfortunately they stain. The only part of the fruit you want to eat are the seeds, which look like some kind of exotic ruby.  (You can eat the whole seed, even the crunchy part.) The skin and thin membrane inside the fruit is super bitter. (They say that’s where all the antioxidants are, if you want to try eating it knock yourself out. I can’t handle it.)

I like pomegranates best straight, but the seeds are great in a salad, on a dessert, or in a juice or cocktail. I’ve cooked with them but there’s better fruit to use with heat.

Skip the bottled juice, it’s totally loaded with sugar. If a pomegranate’s ripe it’ll be really sweet.


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