Save energy- Eat what you buy

It happens to all of us, we mean well but then we run out of time and we’re left with a crisper full of rotting veggies. Nothing like starting off the day by putting a thumb through a cucumber!

I hate it when produce rots, not only is it a waste of money it’s a waste of energy. Here’s an article by Hugh Collins for AOL News dot com, it’s from 2010 but the information stands.

I think one of the biggest problems are those gigantic supermarkets that have everything. I can’t go to those, the temptation’s too much and I wind up overspending and watching things go bad. That or Dan & I try to eat everything we’ve bought at once and then feel awful for a few days.

I try to shop like the folks in Europe, buying only what’s needed for the next few days. That way it stays as fresh as possible and we don’t wind up stuffing ourselves silly.

Food’s expensive, try not to waste it

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