EEW!!! Gross gross gross!

This is one of the nastiest things I’ve read in a while, good news is it has nothing to do with animal welfare. Bad news is it’s about meat, but probably not what you think. It’s not about salmonella or e coli, it’s about the use of meat glue. You read that right, we’re talking about MEAT GLUE.

It’s about selling more, making larger pieces of meat. The article comes from the blog Food Facts dot com and needless to say it’s worth a good read.

This piece is another reason I shop at farmer’s markets and know my farmers and ranchers personally, none of them would ever attempt something so shady.

Thank you Grazin’ Angus Acres for never even thinking of doing this, I shudder to think how much meat glue the average American has digested.

This bit of info will make it really tough for me to ever eat cheap meat again, thank you Food Facts for keeping us informed.

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