Spring greens are the best

Last night I had some broccoli rabe from my favorite farmer’s market and it was possibly the best I’ve ever eaten. It wasn’t my cooking technique, the stuff was sweet with a touch or artichoke flavor. Why is that? I can only guess because it was very fresh, organic and locally grown.

Most of the broccoli rabe I’ve eaten has been ┬áreally bitter, I’m guessing this wasn’t thanks to the time of year it was grown. I’m also guessing they grew it in a greenhouse, if that’s the case and this is the result please grow tons more!

To me, spring greens are a blessing, they always come out as soon as you’re really missing them, ┬áright about the time you’re really over root vegetables. They pop up looking fresh, crisp and sexy. Pick some up and smell them, that’s one of the best smells in the world. That’s the smell of Spring, strong bones, good digestion, clear skin, and loads of even, good energy. That smell makes me salivate.

Spring greens are a little more tender and delicate, that color gets me smiling and looking forward to summer. No need to cook them to bits, a quick stir fry with some garlic or onion and a pinch of Celtic sea salt is usually all that’s needed. Sometimes a squirt of fresh lemon is divine, just keep the ranch dressing far, far away.

You want health food? Eat your greens. Make them your friend and you’ll be glad you did, aim for at least 1 good-sized portion per day, extra points if you eat more.

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