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BBQ recooperation

Summer long weekends usually consist of cookouts on the grill. I love a good barbeque.


Avocado What makes you think you’re so holy

Obesity in the USA

There’s no question that people are heavier than ever.

For your pets: Tennis Balls

Got a dog? Does he love tennis balls?

Beware “natural”

Going green is ginormous these days, everything from plastic bags to food is being touted as natural. Sounds lovely.

What’s BHT?

What’s one of the best weapons in the war to eat healthy? Knowledge.


What does your lunch look like?

Kale chip recipe

  It’s important to eat greens daily, they’ve got calcium, chlorophyll to help clean out our bodies and blood,

Get freekeh

If you’d like to play Psychology 101, blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. ¬†

How to cook a beet

Love beets. So good for you and so much tastier when prepared at home.

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