What’s BHT?

What’s one of the best weapons in the war to eat healthy? Knowledge. The more you know about chemicals, preservatives and additives the better you can take care of yourself.

Today’s focus is on the additive BHT, also known as┬áButylated hydroxytoluene. It’s an antioxidant and preservative used from everything from jet fuel to potato chips. Our friends at Food Facts dot com have written a great article all about it, I highly recommend the read.

Some people may be OK with eating chemicals that are used in non-food items, I am not. The less packaged food you eat the less nasty ┬áchemicals will be in your body and I’m all for that.

There are potato chips on the market made without BHT, make sure you buy those. If you want to be healthy and beautiful leave the chemicals to science and eat things that don’t need a lab to be made.

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