Are you dirty?

You are what you eat. Are you eating dirty? What does that even mean? Basically it means you’re following the Standard American Diet, eating processed foods full of sugar, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and other lovely glop.

I found an article for you from Yahoo health, it’s a bit simplistic but also gives some good info on this topic.

These foods tend to be the dirtiest if you’re buying them non-organic from major chain supermarkets or places where the food is extremely cheap. I don’t trust buying produce where I can also get tires.

This article is not saying to avoid these foods, just get them from sources you know and trust. Get to know your produce guy, he’ll let you know what’s best and what’s not so hot.

It’s good to search for bargains but I shy away from cheap meat. Get your savings on dried beans and grains, spend on meat and fresh produce.¬†Food can be expensive, I find the most costly stuff is either frozen processed crap, junk food or fancy fruit. ¬†Save your bucks, avoid those kinds of foods and you’ll be doing great things for your body.



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