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A few nights ago we went to a Mexican restaurant. We were seated outside for an early meal which also turned out to be the ideal time and place for every little kid in the borough to have dinner with their folks. They were running around being kids, playing, (there’s space for them to run around away from diners)  yelling, eating, crying, laughing, you know, the regular stuff that kids do.

They weren’t the issue, they were entertaining. Another table was seated very close to us, a party of three. It seemed to be a couple with a woman friend that they hadn’t seen in forever and she had lots to say about someone. Dan & I don’t tend to snoop in on conversations, but this one was loud and she kept repeating “Their house is a mess, they need to clean it, it’s disgusting,” while they kept answering “It’s their house, they can do whatever they want to it.”

It was like a mantra, her bitching over and over about something she had no control over that was also basically none of her business, while they politely told her to butt out. It was interesting to watch them, I’m just glad we were at another table.

Here’s a question for you to ponder: How much energy do you waste on stressing out about other people’s actions that really have nothing to do you?

Stop. It’s unhealthy. Picture this:  The Bitcher is stressing everyone out, causing elevated heart rate, mood swings and anxiety. The listening crowd may agree, but beating the subject to death is not only childish and a waste of time, it’s embarrassing to listen to.

It ain’t good for anyone, try not to do it.

Here’s a little life game for you to play by yourself, no need to share results. Start paying more attention to how much energy you expend on complaining about other people’s issues and do that for a few days. If you can, make a mark on something so you can keep count.

Then, try cutting down your bitching by coming up with something positive to say instead. Points awarded for choosing to hold your tongue and not bitch at all.

Nobody’s perfect and sometimes we have issues with how others lead their lives but as long as nobody is in jeopardy or getting harmed it’s best not to judge. Stress ain’t attractive, reduce yours by lightening up and becoming more forgiving towards others.

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