For your pets: The heat

Summer’s hot, that’s a major part of it. If you’ve got pets here’s a few things to remember: (I’m talking about mammals here, reptiles are a completely different story.) 

  1. They’re covered in hair or fur and chances are they’re hotter than us. Keep fans or the A.C. on to help them cope when you’re out.
  2. They are much lower to the ground than we are, thus they get more affected by the radiant heat coming of the sidewalk.
  3. They don’t wear shoes- That pavement hot enough to fry an egg? It’s also hot enough to burn the crap out of Spot or Kitty’s paws.
  4. Like us, they need loads of cold, fresh water available at all times. You may see a sport’s drink out there for dogs, it’s garbage, they don’t need it, save your money. Rinse out bowls at least once daily and keep them filled with fresh, cold water.
  5. If your walk is more than 10 minutes, bring water for your pet. They get thirsty fast and it can be tough to cool them down quickly.
  6. Keep the long walks to cooler days or before sunrise and after sunset. In my opinion it’s cruel to force a dog on a long walk when it’s over 80 degrees.
  7. If your pet wants to take a break and rest, let them but get them off the lava hot pavement.
  8. Make sure to brush your pet daily, dead hair in their coat makes them hotter and doesn’t let the coat naturally cool them off.
  9. If your pet is outside, make sure they’ve got shade, a breeze and more water than you think necessary. A dog house in the baking sun is no respite for them, save it for the Spring and Fall.
  10. If you think your pet is overheated get to a vet immediately. They can give your pet fluids to rehydrate and get their temperature back down to normal.

Your pets can be fragile in the heat, help them deal with it through prevention.

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