Garlic magic

Here’s a great tip to start off the week-

Chop or mince your garlic and let it sit for at least 7-15 minutes before cooking ┬áto let it form the active ingredient Allicin that is so fantastically good for you. Garlic needs to combine with oxygen for that to happen and it seems like the more time it’s left out, the better. The time to leave it out varies up to 24 hours, but the people I spoke to who knew about this said 10 minutes is good, I’d guess 20 would be better. I know when I’m hungry and cooking wild horses couldn’t make me wait that long, so I’m going with about 10 minutes in my own kitchen.

Garlic is really a miracle food, here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that works differently than pharmaceuticals, it’s more effective on certain strains of bacteria that have become resistant to modern drugs.
  2. Garlic is an anti-fungal, great for those with candida.
  3. It’s also anti-viral.
  4. Garlic helps to regulate blood sugar.
  5. Garlic helps to lower blood pressure & cholesterol.
  6. Garlic may aid in removing heavy metals like lead and mercury from the body.
  7. Garlic helps to reduce plaque in the arterial system.
  8. Garlic helps to prevent cancers, especially of the digestive system. It can also help to reduce certain tumors and keep some from growing.
  9. Garlic helps to prevent blood clots from forming.
  10. Garlic is a good source of manganese, selenium and calcium.

There’s a study that says eating garlic makes people happy. I can totally agree with that, I know it always makes me feel good.

Any food that can do all those good things should be taken advantage of, I say try to eat a little garlic daily.

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