Sardines! -10 facts

I was reading a piece written about sardines recently and it got me drooling. I wound up picking up a few cans and retrying them, they are spectacular, lots of flavor and the price is right. Since they’re already cooked, you can add them to other foods easily, like for example a salad, some crusty toasted bread, even on plain rice, sardines make things taste better.

Oh yeah- Moms- kids tend to love them, a friend was teaching a class of 7 year olds, brought some on buttered bread and everyone had seconds.

Since I’m on a sardine kick, here’s 10 facts for you.

  1. Since sardines are small, there’s no need to worry about high levels of mercury which are found in larger fish.
  2. Sardines are high in calcium if you buy the ones with bones and that calcium is more bioavailable then in supplement form.
  3. 1 can (92 grams) has only 191 calories and 23 grams of protein.
  4. Sardines are full of  omega 3 and 6′s, great for your whole body.
  5. Need vitamin B-12? Grab a can, it’s got 137%  of the USRDA.
  6. Vitamin D levels are also super, coming in at 63%.
  7. Sardines are high in selenium and phosphorus, both are extremely important for every cell in your body.
  8. There’s a million kinds of sardines out there, chances are you’ll find some you like.
  9. A can of sardines will fill you up, a nice snack or light meal would be some sardines and good crackers or on toast.
  10. Fresh sardines are amazing, totally worth getting if you ever see them.
For all you fish lovers out there, if you haven’t had a sardine in a while go get yourself some, your skin, hair and body will thank you.

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