Use ‘em up

I love that people give me lots of food gifts, I’d rather have something wonderful to eat than something cute that adds clutter. Lately I’ve been getting loads of chutneys, this is what I did with the last one.

I got a lovely apple pear chutney and was in a rush coking some pork ribs. I had hoped to marinate them for a few days but I kept forgetting and it finally got to the point where I had to cook them that day or they were doomed. I took out the ribs, slathered them with the chutney and cooked them low and slow for an hour and forty minutes.

They were sublime and prep time was reduced to 2 minutes, all thanks to the chutney.

Lots of times when people get fancy food gifts they tend to hold onto them I’m guessing to use during a special occasion. Usually they are forgotten about and left to rot in the dark corner of the pantry. Don’t let that happen anymore. Every day is a special occasion, especially if you cooked for yourself and your family. Hell, while your at it, why don’t you take out the good china? ¬†You’re worth it.

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