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Pura vida

I just got back from a retreat in Costa Rica, not only was it wonderful, it really made me think about Americans and our diet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Internet service has been spotty, but today I got lucky.

Pipa to the rescue

I’m in the tropics and even though its crazy humid, dehydration is a huge issue.

Mosquito prevention thanks Wandz!

Greetings from Costa Rica!


“My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it.” — Buddy Hackett  

So here’s the dealio

Friday, before the crack of dawn, I will be sitting on a jet plane headed to a retreat.

For your pets: How to break up a dog fight

Isn’t this a blog about health? Why are you talking about dog fights?

Beauty oils spoil

I was in a swanky skincare and make up joint the other day checking out their facial oils.

Quick tip for the week:

Stop everything and take a minute to drink a glass of water right now, it’ll make you feel better.


Bento box art is seriously too cool.

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