Pura vida

I just got back from a retreat in Costa Rica, not only was it wonderful, it really made me think about Americans and our diet.

There was a little fruit and vegetable stand run by Juan in the center of town and this is where most people stopped by for a snack. There was a supermarket across the street filled with things in packaging, but they’re not nearly as attractive to the Costa Ricans as they are to us. Why is that?

We are a culture that has gotten so far away from real food that we no longer know how or what to eat. We are suspicious of real food and crave items that are loaded down with pornographic amounts of chemicals, sugar, salt and fat. Instead of eating food that contains actual bioavailable vitamins and minerals, we believe that a factory made pill will make up for all our sins.

The United States is the only country I’ve ever been to where adults proudly announce their hatred of vegetables and to me that’s really sad.

Costa ricans tend to be thin or of average build, with great skin and eyes and hair that shine. They tend not to be as sick as Americans either, must be all that fresh air and being near the ocean. Did you know Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world? I believe a big part of it is because ¬†life is simpler. It’s not necessarily easier, but their priorities are not as extreme as ours.

I truly believe the secret to life is all about simplifying. That means keeping away from junk and empty calories and¬†eating actual food. It also means getting consistent exercise daily. It doesn’t need to be insane, a daily 20 minute walk is far better than nothing.

Americans live in a modern society and we like to believe that the newest and most improved is best. It may be in some cases, but when it comes to eat and drink, do as the Costa Ricans and eat real food.

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  1. on 03 Dec 2011 at 2:23 pmAlexa

    Food Healerrr!!! You are so amazing. Speak the truth sister. If only a fruit stands laid lavishly under bright lights in between NYC avenues, then maybe we would consume our daily need. Costa Rica lets you slow down. Maybe if we all just took our walks a little slower, I wonder how our lives would change.

    Missing you ,

    Your new friend at Bamboo.

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