For your pets: More about toxic plants

I was listening in on a conversation on the subway yesterday, I wouldn’t have if the person wasn’t so loud, but it was easy to hear. His argument? Dogs and cats recognize toxic plants and will avoid them. Wild dogs and cats may know but as for domestic animals? There’s loads of pets being rushed to emergency vets daily because of this so I’d say that isn’t true.

Animals are taught  a great deal by their parents, other animals and their environment. When they are taken away from their parents and litter mates at 8 weeks of age they get little if any training on how to survive. 8 weeks is considered the norm to separate, but in reality it would be better if the little ones could stay with their parents longer. The problem is 8 week old puppies and kittens are adorable and it’s easier to get them homes than an adult.

Don’t expect your pet to know what is right for them, like human kids they need to be taught. Do a little research before you bring plants into your home, better to get safe ones than take the risk as some can be fatal if ingested. Here’s the ASPCA list for dogs and here’s the one for cats.

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