Man vs. Monsanto

Monsanto, in my opinion, ┬áis a huge corporation that has way too much power regarding seeds and our food supply. They create GMO seeds and will sue small farmers when the GMO pollen fertilizes their crops. Considering pollen is microscopic and airborne with the slightest wind, I don’t know how this is even legal. The saddest part? They’ve won cases like this.

It has been proven that GMO foods are not as safe as originally thought, there’s a reason as to why Europe doesn’t freely allow GMO foods on the market without approval and that many countries do not allow it at all.

I’ve got some great news for you, not all farmers lose to Monsanto. Here’s a short film by Journeyman Pictures called David Vs. Monsanto. It’s only 52 minutes long and worth watching every second. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s nice to see the little guy can beat the dragon.

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