I wound up in the hospital yesterday. I was having chest pains and felt weak and dizzy, that’s never happened to me before. Fortunately everything’s OK, it seems I had my first panic attack. Not cool. Better than a heart attack (needless to say) but it was still really scary. It usually takes a team of wild horses to drag me to an emergency room for myself, but with some pressure from my coworkers I decided to go.

I’m glad I did, but it’s left me realizing that even with regular exercise and eating well, stress still exists and can do serious damage. It seems like the standard solution is anti-anxiety meds of some sort. I took one and became a zombie for the rest of the day. Sure I was calm, but I was also busy staring at the floor for minutes at a time and today I feel groggy and totally out of it. Frankly, I’m surprised I wasn’t drooling last night.

So what’s a stressed out person supposed to do? You know the usual- Get enough sleep, eat well, don’t drink too much, eat more greens, exercise, drink lots of water, etc. These things help  a great deal, but sometimes they’re not enough.

Thinking back I hadn’t gotten good sleep for a few days, so that probably helped to trigger the attack. If you suffer from panic attacks, make sure to find a good doctor or counselor who can do more than just give you a monthly script. You need to back up the drugs with therapy to help make permanent changes.

Why are more people having panic attacks now than ever? Maybe because in the past, many went undiagnosed. It could also be due to the fact that we are heavier, working harder and eating more processed foods than ever, all of those factors keep the body out of balance. We are learning more every day about how destructive stress is and we need to take better care of ourselves.

Panic attacks are horrible, I can’t imagine how terrifying a severe one would be. If you do have panic attacks, get some good, solid help you approve of and agree with, it can only help to make things better. If you know someone who has panic attacks understand that they are very real and people who deal with them need to get help. Thinknig they will just go away is sheer denial, it’s not going to make them go away on their own.


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