What’s your breakfast?

Breakfast. The first and most important meal of the day, it gets you ready to deal with whatever happens.

Americans love eggs, doughnuts, danishes, cereal, bagels, toast, oatmeal, muffins, all sorts of stuff,  Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world eats? If so you’re in luck, I’ve got pictorial called “50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts” from Design You Trust dot com.

I’m really interested in the variety offered, as well how many countries eat something more resembling lunch or dinner to Americans. I’ve found one of the best breakfasts for me is a big plate of greens and a slice of (real) whole grain toast. This keeps me going for hours, but it is something Americans don’t typically eat first thing.

Granted, this article is full of generalizations, but it’s still interesting to see what is represented.

What do you eat for breakfast? Try experimenting, you might find something works better for you than what you’re eating now.

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