Bacon and sausage lovers beware

We really love bacon, it’s in everything these days in fact I saw bacon mints for sale yesterday.  Turns out bacon doesn’t really love us back as much, neither do  sausages or deli meat.

According to an article from BBC News Health a Swedish study conducted at the Karolinska Institute has found a link between eating processed meats and pancreatic cancer.

They say that although pancreatic cancer is rare and the risk is low, eating as little as 50 grams daily would increase the risk by 19%, but it’s exponential. So if you eat 100 grams daily, you’ve increased your risk to 38%.

The World Cancer Research Fund advises people to keep completely away from processed meat. This is not the first time I have heard this, so I keep aware and try my best to keep away from sandwich shops that don’t cook their own meat in house. I don’t avoid bacon or sausages like the plague, I just buy high quality from farmers I know and trust and don’t eat it all the time.

As we all know, moderation is key and so is information.


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