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I’ll have a double cappuccino, half-caf, non-fat milk, with enough foam to be aesthetically pleasing, but not so much that it would leave a moustache. -Niles Crane, Frasier

Try it, you might like it

We tend to like things that are easy and convenient, trouble is all that ease tends to make us lazy.

10 Tips to eating better without spending a fortune

I get a little frustrated when people tell me that eating well is expensive, junk food costs way more especially when it starts to affect your health.

Need an ego boost?

No matter what you look like, nothing’s sexier or more attractive than feeling good about yourself.

Thoughts on gum

Back from Von Trapp land, talk about gorgeous scenery and food!

The spa situation in Vienna

I am a sucker for a spa and will go at the drop of a hat.

Thoughts from Vienna

Greetings from the land of my Dad, we got here a few days ago.


‘I do wish we could chat longer, but … I’m having an old friend for dinner. Bye.” – Hannibal Lecter, “Silence of the Lambs”

Recipe: Cake!

Sorry I’m late to post, its my birthday and I got a surprise visitor and adventure this morning.

Monsanto seeds? Really?

Thanks to the crazy weather, it may be sooner than later to plant your veggie patch.

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