News Flash- BPA is still bad for you

Plastic is everywhere. As packaging, bags, toys, containers, pens, cooking utensils, fertilizers, whatever- plastic is ingrained into our daily lives. So much so, we hardly even notice it at this point. Well, we need to pay lots more attention.

BPA has already been linked to cancer and now scientists are finding a link to diabetes and obesity. According to an article from Daily Mail UK online even small amounts of BPA can “trigger a reaction in the body that scrambles hormone signals”.  BPA “…can fool the body into creating more fat”.

BPA also messes with insulin levels and the pancreas.  I recommend using as little plastic as possible because the study found that a quarter of a billionth of a gram is enough to start a reaction. How much is that? A speck of plastic dust?

BPA is also found in receipt paper, toilet paper and plastic baby bottles, so there’s lots to avoid that’s not related to food.

The chemical industry says there’s no danger, but how is it doctors and scientists are finding serious problems with it? I would assume almighty cash has a lot to do with it.

What can you do? Use glass for storage, I’ve got a ton of mason jars as well as reused glass jars from condiments and other foods. I keep away from plastic wrap and use aluminum foil when needed. I toss any receipt that’s not necessary, even not taking a copy when I’ve paid attention to the cashier ringing up my purchase.

BPA is difficult, not impossible to avoid. Do yourself (and your kids) a favor and  toss any plastic containers that are not BPA free and try not to eat any foods wrapped in plastic. Get rid of all plastic utensils that are not BPA free, that’s a great start.

Plastic is a convenient substance but it may be doing more harm than good. Reduce your use and reduce your risk.

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