Recipe: Ricotta gnocchi with lemon zest and parsley

I’m hoping you all had a great weekend.

I found this recipe online and had to share, It’s from A Spoonful of Lemons dot com. ┬áThis is┬áseriously easy really quick and we inhaled them. I will be making these again.

I did find a flaw in the recipe, in Step 3 it mentions butter browning but it’s not in the ingredient list. I melted 3 pats of butter and let it brown a teeny bit before adding a teaspoon of olive oil to cook the gnocchi in. They cook quickly, so once they’re in the pan, you’ve got about 5 minutes until dinner.

I served this with some sauteed red russian kale and mixed it all together, so good!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did, thanks to Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen for the original recipe as well as A Spoonful of Lemons for the update.

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