Thoughts from Vienna

Greetings from the land of my Dad, we got here a few days ago. Vienna is gorgeous and the food is really something.

For the most part, it’s rich and extremely calorie-laden, you can’t throw a rock without hitting either a candy store, chocolate store or bakery, and it all looks fantastic. The main thing I’ve noticed is there aren’t loads of overweight people which I find pretty shocking, as Viennese food is far from light.

We’re talking deep fried, cream sauces, rich ingredients, tons of butter, loads of cheeses and huge portions, the weiner schnitzel I got could have fed 2 easily. So what’s the deal?

In my opinion it’s because these products are made with real ingredients, not crap like high-fructose corn syrup. When the body can identify what it’s digesting it knows what to do with it and can utilize all nutrients.

When you eat chemicals your body has no idea what they are so digestion can become compromised. In many cases, digestion slows which isn’t ideal. Food can putrify which causes gas, indigestion and all sorts of other lovely symptoms that are better dealt with when alone.

Vienna is a small enough city to walk but I haven’t seen lots of runners or gyms. So far I’ve seen only one yoga studio, so it’s not like the culture is outwardly obsessed with fitness.

I have yet to see one local drink an American soda, I’m sure it happens frequently because it’s sold everywhere, but I’ve only seen it in small bottles. I was in a supermarket today and there was very few “diet” or low calorie products. That made me very happy because I don’t consider that stuff to be food anyway.

The Viennese have  proved to me that you can eat whatever you want without gaining a ton of weight, it seems that their secret is to eat real, homemade food.

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