Try it, you might like it

We tend to like things that are easy and convenient, trouble is all that ease tends to make us lazy. When was the last time you dared to try something new physically? It can be really scary, especially if you’re an adult.

Kids are willing to try new things because they’re used to it, grown ups get cozy in what they know and many times the fear of getting hurt or looking a fool stops them dead in their tracks. Embarrassment, humiliation  and fear are powerful emotions and can be crippling, but they don’t deserve to run someone’s  life.

The brain and body really benefit from attempting new things, the body’s musculature strengthens and the brain’s  mental pathways improve.  In some cases new pathways are made, how cool is that?

It’s  great to have the guts to try new things, it’s not that easy to be willing to look like a fool in order to learn them. If you’re worried about looking bad or ridiculous, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Nothing substantial was accomplished in a day and we need to remember that skills need time to be learned and  memorized both in the brain and body.

Pushing yourself can be terrifying, but the feeling of accomplishment gained is more than worth it in my book. No matter what happens trying is what counts, don’t let fear dictate what you do.

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