Ahhh Chocolate!

It’s Monday, it’s cold out and I thought it would be great to start out the day with some good news. Ready? Chocolate’s good for you! I’m talking about good, dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao. Steer away from 100%, it’s hardcore and not what you’re hoping for.

According to a study by the Archives of Internal Medicine, regular consumption of dark chocolate helps weight loss. There are compounds in chocolate called catechins that help to reduce weight and increase lean muscle mass. Hooray!

This doesn’t mean you should run out and gorge, it means a piece or two a day is welcome and even recommended as a healthy addition to a good balanced diet full of fruits and veg. Remember that chocolate is full of sugar so avoid any with high fructose or regular corn syrup and don’t buy ones that are super sweet.

If you get some really good stuff you’ll only need a piece or two to feel satisfied, how cool is that?

Go get some chocolate and start your week out right.

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