Ant relief

My apartment gets taken over by little black ants every Spring. Fortunately they don’t bite, but wow, are they ever annoying. It’s like having 1000 party crashers looking for whatever they can eat or drink, fortunately they haven’t found the snack cabinet.

I’ve also got 2 cats, so that kills the exterminator option. So what’s a gal to do? Fortunately, thanks to Natural News dot com’s article ‘Killing Ants Naturally With Ant Exterminators From Your Pantry, Garden and Fridge’ I’ve got some solutions, the boric acid one works great.

If you do have pets, make sure they can’t get to the mixtures. They won’t kill them, but some of the ingredients could make them sick. Still, this is a far safer solution than having the guy come by to spray every month.

If you do deal with ants this page may become your new best friend. Thank you Natural News for your tips.

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