Cut produce tip

Ya’ know when you only need 1/2 of an onion or an apple or mango or something for a recipe? How do you keep the rest of the piece from going bad?

My little trick is quick, easy and lets you see what you actually have in the fridge without having to open foil or wrap items in plastic.

Ready? OK, take the piece of produce. As soon as you cut it in half, take the piece you’re saving and put it cut side down on a plate and put it in your fridge. Taa Daa! That’s it! that’s all you’ve got to do. This method works wonders for me for using up produce, whenever I wrap it up well I forget about it.

For onions, this works for about a week, fruit a few days. This will wreck tomatoes, so don’t do this to them.

Have a great day!

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