Storing greens

Don’t you hate when you get lots of veggies at the market only to have them wilt terribly in a day or two? Yeah, me too, but I’ve found a trick to help keep ‘em crisp. It’s easy and will take you a whole 5 seconds. Ready?

After buying your greens, take either a clean rag, small hand towel or a flour sack dish towel (this is what I use, I love them. They actually absorb and they last forever) and get it wet with cold water. No need to soak it, just get it wet. Ring it out and wrap the greens in the towel. Store either in the crisper or on a shelf, depending on where you’ve got room.

Another trick is to take your stiff greens (like collards, kale or spinach) and put them in your salad spinner. Rinse them well and put the cover back on. Put in fridge until needed. This usually lasts up to 5 days depending on how fresh the greens are.

I find the best trick for fresh greens is to try to buy them the day you use them. The longer they sit in the fridge, the more nutrients lost.

Nothing worse then wilted greens, this’ll do the trick.

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