Sugar ain’t sweet

Sugar, tasty stuff. Kids love it and everyone eats way more than they realize. This is one of the main reasons as to why I try hard to keep away from packaged  and processed foods, they sneak it in everywhere.

If you think I’m being dramatic, read labels. I started to list all the different words that mean sugar (natural and processed) but there’s about 30, so if you’re interested check out this list from The Consumerist dot com.

Thanks to Regina, I found an fantastic infographic from Mind Body Green dot com called “14 Mind Blowing Facts about Sugar” by Jason Wachob. I love this, it really hits home and lets you see where all the sugar is. One you know that, it’s way easier to be conscious of it and to reduce it in your diet.

Reducing our sugar intake is one way to become more healthy and slow down aging. If you’re hooked and want to stop, reduce slowly or you’ll get withdrawal symptoms.¬†This is no joke, I was seriously addicted to sugar and when I first stopped I was having sugar dreams, obsessive thoughts, mood swings, headaches, depression and other lovely symptoms. Fortunately it got much easier. I do eat sugar now, but it’s limited by the other foods I eat.

Whenever sugar talks come up people immediately jump to fruit. Fruit sugars are far better for you than the processed white stuff, it’s got nutrients, fiber and moisture. Fruit is not the enemy, in fact if you eat more fruit your sugar intake should reduce. Sugar cravings can be beaten by eating a little protein, try that if you’re desperate.

Sugar’s sweet but it’s also bad news, cut down for better health.

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