When it comes to apples, eat organic

I found an article from Forbes dot com that I wanted to share, it was written by Beth Hoffman and it’s called ’5 Reasons to Eat Organic Apples: Pesticides, Healthy Communities, and You’.

I really like this article because it brings up points that are commonly avoided, like what pesticides do to the health of farmers who use them. You could be flip and say things like ‘Well, that’s part of their job, so that’s what they get’ but the fact of the matter is that all these pesticides affect all of us. It’s not like they go away, they wind up in our water table, air and soil.

I’m really excited to find articles like this in a financial magazine, this information needs to get out and not just to the ‘green, crunchy’ people. Your money has power, show you care by buying organic apples.

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