Who owns what?

I like infographics.  Not only are they a quick read with a ton of information, the word is pretty cool.

Today’s is from the website Occupy Monsanto 360 dot org, it really opened my eyes. I knew that a few corporations create most of the stuff out there, but to actually see it is a totally different story. My first thought? “Wow, there’s a lot of junk out there.” My second thought was “How much of this contains GMO ingredients?”

Since I shop mostly at farmer’s markets and health food stores I don’t tend to see these products every time I purchase food, so I tend to forget just how much packaged junk exists.

Do your best to keep away from all the foods listed, including the pet foods. There are far safer and more nutritious options that taste way better, you’re not doing your or your pet’s bodies any favors by eating this junk.

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