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Does buying a dozen eggs at the market get you all confused? All the labeling messes with me. What does, free-range and  cage free truly mean?

Those terms bring to mind a pastoral vision, one of chickens and their chicks all hanging out in the sun, eating bugs (like they’re supposed to) and working on their tans.

Unfortunately, the truth is far from that. Thanks to a video from PBS that is on the blog Urban Chickens dot net we can now know what the scoop really is. Take 6 minutes to watch, it’s really eye-opening. It’s also really nice to find out what those terms allow.

When in doubt, pasture raised eggs from the farmer’s markets are the best bet. If the eggs are labeled organic they’re not pasture raised. A pasture is filled with lots of plant and insect varieties which there is no proof that it is all organic. Because of that, they can’t say they are.

In my opinion pasture raised eggs are far better in flavor and appearance, they even have more nutrients because of the chicken’s diet. The yolks tend to be a golden yellow you don’t see in grain-raised birds. Once you get a pasture raised egg you should never want one from a factory farm. If you’ve never had a pastured egg, go out and find some, you’ll be glad you did.

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