Fraudulent foods?

Did you know that some of the foods you may be buying could be altered? If that’s the case, you’re not getting what you think you are.

Things like watered down milk with added melamine to disguise the fact that it’s been diluted. Why is this happening? Because the U.S. imports tons of food and other countries have different safety standards. Mind you, the U.S. approves lots of foods and chemicals, some that are GMO, so I don’t think they are the most aggressive when it comes to food safety.

Here’s an article written by Kelli B. Grant for Smart Money dot com, it’s called ’8 Food Frauds on your Shopping List’. ┬áIt’s important to know which foods tend to be altered with the most, that way you can keep yourself safe. It’s also good to notice that many of the items are pricey so if you see olive oil, honey or salmon being sold really cheaply you probably want to avoid it.

Good ingredients cost money to produce, if it seems to be too good a deal it just may be. Stick to local, get to know your grocer and hit up your farmer’s markets to be able to identify good, clean, safe food for you and your family.

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