Grilling corn tip

Here’s a few tips for grilling corn on the cob my way, it’s super easy and delicious.

First off, please get non-gmo corn. There’s so much in the U.S. that chances are if it doesn’t say anything (like organic or heirloom) it’s probably  GMO. If it’s got a sticker, check if it starts with a 9. If so, it’s GMO. Put it down and walk away. Why? It’s not good for you. The more research that is constantly published proves this. If it was safe, there wouldn’t be countries banning GMO foods and products.

Secondly, don’t shuck the corn, keep it completely intact.

Get a big bucket and put the corn in it. Cover with cold water and let soak for about a half hour.

When you’re ready and your grill is hot, take the corn and put it on the grill as is.  Let cook about 6 minutes per side (I give them quarter turns) or until the outer leaves are all dried out and burnt a little. This is far from and exact science so no need to get anal.

Once they’re all done bring to the table and enjoy, this is the best. A little butter a little sea salt, so good and so damn easy, enjoy!

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